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Kevin McEwan, DNP, RN becomes NLI President

Posted 7 months ago

Carolyn Hansen, MSN. APRN-CNP, submitted her resignation as President to the NLI Board of Directors.  At their June 30, 2022, meeting the board accepted the resignation.  In accordance with NLI bylaws, the President-elect, Kevin McEwan, DNP, RN, assumed the office of President effective immediately.

He will serve the unexpired term and then complete his own elected term for a total of 3 years and 6 months in the role of NLI President.

Kevin is the current CNO at Madison Memorial Hospital in Rexburg and has been active in NLI and AONL for many years.  He was previously a CNO in Utah, and he just completed a term on the AONL Board of Directors as the Region 8 Director.  He holds a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in administration & leadership from Boise State University School of Nursing.


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