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Registered Nurses Top Gallup Poll for 20th Year in a Row as MOST HONEST & ETHICAL

Posted about 1 year ago

The annual Gallup Poll that measures public perception of honesty & ethics amongst professions that interface with the public ranked REGISTERED NURSES as the MOST HONEST & ETHICAL PROFESSION for the 20th year in a row.  Gallup ranks the 22 top professions.  This data is available at:

Top rankings of high or very high went to:

1. Registered Nurses- 81%

2. Medical Doctors-67%

3. Grade School Teachers - 64%

4. Pharmacists - 63%

5. Military Officers - 61%

Ranking among the professions viewed as least honest & least ethical are:

Congressional Lobbyists -5%

Car Salesmen -8%

Members of Congress- 9%

State office holders - 12%

Lawyers -19%


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