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2021 November RN IDAHO and an Update on Future Plans

Posted 23 days ago

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Idaho Nurses should have received the November edition of RN IDAHO beginning October 28.  Group mailings are sent over several days for the 35,000+ recipients to avoid bulk mail spam issues.

Sometimes the email goes to Junk/Spam email folders, so if you did not receive the RN IDAHO email, check the spam folder.

Additionally, paper editions are in the mail to ANA-Idaho members.

The PDF file is attached.


We are excited to announce some future changes to the publication of RN IDAHO.  We entered into a relationship with EBSCO 18 months ago because RN IDAHO is a peer reviewed publication.  EBSCO is a large search engine that includes many healthcare focused journals that are peer reviewed.  Graduate students, and others, often use EBSCO as their search site.

Arthur L. Davis Co., that is our publishing firm, is in the process of affiliating within the upcoming 6 months with a larger healthcare publication organization.  One of the noted benefits of this change is that the coding format of RN IDAHO will change from .rft (rich text format) to .html (hypertext markup language) format.  This will not mean much to the reader from a visual perspective, but this format change will make the search engines compatible with larger web search engines that are www based.  This means that in the future an RN IDAHO article could appear in a "google search" or other www search engine result (bing, yahoo, etc.)  which does  not happen today.  

RN IDAHO continues to seek research and clinical experience articles that are written by Idaho nurses and other healthcare professionals.  Our target publication is 16 pages, but because of the increasing readership and increasing advertisement sales, we have had 24 page publications throughout 2021.


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