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Nurses Supporting Nurses--PLEASE DONATE $10 or more to the Idaho Nurses' Education Fund

Posted over 1 year ago

To assist nurses to access continuing education programs/credits for the purpose of continued competency and to meet Idaho Board of Nursing re-licensure requirements, the Idaho Center for Nursing, a 501c3 non-profit nursing education philanthropy, announces a campaign for donations to gather funds supporting academic and continuing nursing education opportunities in Idaho.

The Idaho Nurses' Fund has resulted from these donations: (1) funds collected annually at the Nurse Recognition Dinner held during the annual clinical LEAP conference, (2) funds revitalized when the dormant Idaho Nurses Foundation was legally dissolved and the deliquent foundation funds were identified and amalgamated into the newly formed Idaho Nurses' Fund in 2020, and (3) individual donations from nurses and others.

Today, the Idaho Nurses' Fund is focused on assisting nurses who work in Idaho to obtain approved continuing nursing education (CNE) credit hours through Idaho based programs.  Each year a designated amount of money is allocated in the budget based on funds acquired the previous year through donations, investment income, grants and funds generated at the annual Nurse Recognition Dinner.

2021 Fund priorities are:

1.  Supporting nurses employed in rural Idaho to have access to CNE that will assist them to fulfill the continued competency requirement for re-licensure in Idaho.

2.  Supporting nurses enrolled in Idaho based doctorate in nursing degree programs (DNP and PhD), that do not lead to an advanced practice role, to complete nursing focused research work or projects in fulfillment of their degree requirements.  This is a goal of the Idaho Nursing Action Coalition in fulfilling the NAM (formerly IOM) objective to increase the number of doctorate prepared nurses to become faculty members.

2020 Fund Use

In 2020, the Idaho Nurses' Fund had a total balance of $115,650 and $100,000 of that is the core balance of a long term investment account. Funding support to nurses in 2020 was (1) $1,000 to Idaho doctoral students to complete research or projects in their education programs that supported Idaho nursing goals, (2) $5,000 in nursing scholarships, (3) $9,000 to support the development and implementation of an Idaho based continuing education learning management system so that every Idaho nurse can access cost-effective approved CNE on-demand from home that will help them maintain skills and meet continued competency requirements for Idaho Board of Nursing license renewal.

To learn more about the history of the Idaho Nurses Foundation (1956-2019), information on the current Idaho Nurses' Fund, and a list of donors, visit the Idaho Nurses' Fund page on the Idaho Center for Nursing website at Idaho Center for Nursing | Nursing Network and scroll down to Idaho Nurses' Fund.

The current goal of the Idaho Nurses' Fund is to collect money for future education support to Idaho nurses. If every nurse would generously donate a TAX DEDUCTIBLE $10 or more, Idaho would have sufficient funding to support all nurses with continuing education offerings. Please participate by donating $10 or more at: Make a Donation Form | Idaho Center for Nursing | Nursing Network 


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