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RN Idaho August Edition Available--NEW ONLINE FORMAT

Posted 3 months ago by Randall Hudspeth, PhD, MBA, MS, APRN

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We are happy to announce that the first virtual edition of RN IDAHO is published. This represents a change in the general mailing distribution of RN IDAHO that has been mailed to every licensed RN and LPN in Idaho for more than 25 years, whether or not they were dues paying members of a nursing organization.

This massive change in production is thanks to:

1. Sara Hawkins, PhD, RN, Editor

2. The Idaho Board of Nursing, especially Russ Barron and Sharon Matthies, who worked to get the legal MOU for email use in place, and for compiling the email lists of all licensed nurses.

3. Arthur L. Davis Publishing Agency,  especially Elizabeth Miller, General Manager.

RN Idaho now joins the increasing numbers of states that offer on-line publications of their state newsletters, which can also be viewed on the Arthur L. Davis website.  To read RN IDAHO  and other state newsletters, go on line at:

Every Idaho licensed nurse who has their email with the Idaho Board of Nursing will receive the paper.  Additionally, members of ANAI will receive a paper copy mailed to the address on file with the Board of Nursing.  Other stateholders will continue receiving paper copies, such as national and state legislators and elected officials, schools of nursing and school libraries.

Please note that there is no "opt-out" possibility.  The Board of Nursing, as a state agency that licenses nurses, is committed to communicate board actions and new regulations that impact nursing to those that they license.  The board uses the RN IDAHO as the communication tool for information sharing, and thus all licensed nurses receive it and each edition contains updates from the Board of Nursing.

The next edition is November 2020 and manuscript submissions will be due by September 1 in order to accommodate the peer review process.

Please contact us by using the comment response or the "contact us" on the left side column of the website if you have questions or comments.


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