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CALL FOR ARTICLES--RN Idaho February 2019 Edition

Posted 23 days ago by Randall Hudspeth, PhD, MBA, MS, APRN


Submit your article or research for publication in the Idaho Center for Nursing's quarterly print publication, RN Idaho, mailed to all RNs and LPNs in the state.

Articles for February 2019 Edition - Please submit by December 1, 2018. RN Idaho, the official publication of Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing and Idaho Center for Nursing, is a peer-reviewed journal that is published quarterly to 23,000 Idaho nurses.

RN Idaho welcomes submission of nursing and health related news items, original articles, research abstracts, and other pertinent contributions. We encourage short summaries and brief abstracts as well as lengthier reports and original works. 

Student features, faculty highlights, self-care topics, general topics of interest, evidence based practice/research/quality improvement projects are all welcome for submission. Please review the Author Submission Guidelines prior to submission.

An "article for reprint" may be considered if accompanied by written permission from the author and/or publisher as needed. Authors do not need to be ANA Idaho members.

Submit your article to