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Welcome to Our New Website!

Posted 5 months ago by Nursing Network Admin

Welcome to the new Nurse Leaders of Idaho (NLI) and Idaho Alliance of Leaders in Nursing (IALN) website. The goal of this site is to better connect nurses who are NLI members or nurses in leadership positions, students, as well as others who have an interest in the nursing community in Idaho.

When the Idaho Center for Nursing (ICN) was established, all participating membership organizations had the opportunity to update their websites and use a new host organization that is specifically targeted to nursing organizations, Nursing Network.  NLI, IALN, Nurse Practitioners of Idaho (NPI) and the American Nurses Association of Idaho (ANAI) are participating in the website change and the websites all have a similar layout for uniformity and easy navigation.

We remain in the process of redesigning the mast-head on the home page based on member feedback, so look for that new home page look in the near future.

NLI is pleased to have a membership that represents almost every hospital and school of nursing in Idaho as organizational members, and thus each employee and faculty is a participating organizational member.  For them to get updates on educational and legislative activities, please explore our website and be sure to 'Follow Us' to receive up-to-date information on upcoming events, educational opportunities, and updates that may affect nursing practice.

We look forward to an exciting year and welcome your thoughts, feedback, and ideas!

Thanks for visiting!


Joan Agee 4 months ago

The new website is awesome!!

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